I can play you at ten different levels. If you like I can start without some of my pieces to give you more chance of beating me.

Try each level in turn until you are confident about winning.

LEVEL 1 (I only have a king and 8 pawns)
LEVEL 2 (I have a knight as well)
LEVEL 3 (I now have two knights)
LEVEL 4 (This time I'll add on a bishop)
LEVEL 5 (Here I add on a second bishop)
LEVEL 6 (And now a rook as well)
LEVEL 7 (A second rook - you're just a queen ahead)
LEVEL 8 (In this game you have a rook start)
LEVEL 9 (Now your advantage is only a knight)
LEVEL 10 (I play with all my pieces)

When you've finished the game you can print out the score of the game by clicking the 'Print Game' button. You can then show the moves to your parents or teacher and explain to them why you played your moves.

to play a different opponent. to return to the menu.

Fishy Bobber is actually P4WN, a JavaScript chess program originally written by Douglas Bagnall with an interface written by Sven Vahar.
For further details visit Douglas's website.